The Air Products Distribution Facility

The Air Products Distribution facility in Santa Clara provides industrial gases to the high-tech industry throughout Silicon Valley. This project included the design and construction of a new Warehouse and Maintenance Building, and the design of an Administration Building.

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Project Details

The Warehouse and Maintenance Building is a 100 ft. by 150 ft. one-story building, providing space for offices, gas cylinder storage, maintenance, testing and inspection.  The structural system consists of metal decking over light-gage joists, supported by tapered steel girders and columns.  The lateral load-resisting system consists of ordinary steel moment frames in the short direction and X-brace frames in the long direction.

The Administration Building is a 75 ft. by 125 ft. one-story building providing space for offices.  The structural system is similar to the Warehouse and Maintenance building but with wide-flange, not tapered, columns.