San Juan Water Treatment Plant

This project includes Structural Engineering and Architectural planning, design and construction support services for a new gas chlorination facility at San Juan Water District’s Water Treatment Plant.  The facility consists of a new 64’x82’ building complete with loading docks, bridge cranes, and an adjacent chemical scrubber pad.

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Project Details

The building consists of metal decking and framing, concrete masonry block walls, and concrete slabs, underground walls, and spread footings.  Finn Design Group (now merged with PASE) also provided all detailing of roof, window, door, and louver architectural conditions.  In order to provide for easy truck access to the building, the loading docks and storage rooms are 4 feet above adjacent grade.  Stairs provide outside access to the loading docks and storage rooms.  The bridge cranes are supported by pilasters within the building and on the far side of the truck driveway.