A Positive Experience

At PASE, we believe that a positive experience is crucial to building strong relationships with our clients and team members. We strive to create an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, delivering projects on time and on budget, and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We value open communication and transparency, and we believe that building trust is essential to building lasting relationships.

BIM & Coordination

Our team of experienced technicians is proficient in utilizing BIM tools to ensure seamless collaboration between all stakeholders involved in a project.

“Our vision is to reimagine structural design and coordination while adhering to all the principles and values that PASE already strives for. We want to explore all avenues when it comes to what we can provide to our clients and the industry. By utilizing the latest tools and features of BIM and taking advantage of data-rich models we can accomplish our goals. The future looks bright as we expand into additional markets.”

Rick Santa Cruz III

BIM Technical Manager

Sustainability Commitment

At PASE, we have shown a strong commitment to sustainability by implementing several internal policies aimed at reducing our environmental impact. These policies include the plan to install full-roof solar panels on our HQ office building, make use of public transportation which is within walking distance of the office, and implement a comprehensive recycling and composting program.

Furthermore, our commitment extends into our practice. One of our approaches is pursuing early coordination between the fabricators and the design team. We coordinate with local fabricators to understand the types of material available and optimize our design by utilizing as much used and common sizes. In terms of material, we have developed a path forward using CLT and are working with vendors for CLT data center modules. Additionally, we have started incorporating Portland Limestone Cement, also known as Type 1L, into our design and are working with contractors on alternate reinforcement in concrete.

Our efforts require an extra challenge but we believe that this is the most efficient and economical method in designing our structures. We want our clients to be satisfied while maintaining our commitment to our planet.