14-Mile Slough Pump Station

The 14-Mile Slough Pump Station Upgrades consist of 1) a new 36 ft. wide by 50 ft. long by 40 ft. deep underground Pump Station structure, 2) a new steel structure above the Pump Station to support a traveling bridge crane, 3) a new 36 ft. by 60 ft.  Control Building, and 4) five cast-in-place concrete underground vaults.

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Project Details

The underground Pump Station is a cast-in-place concrete structure consisting of two main chambers each containing three sewage pumps. 

The bridge crane will be used to facilitate removal and replacement of any one or all of the pumps. 

The new control building is designed to match the appearance of the existing control building and includes a new outdoor generator enclosure. 

The underground vaults include a meter vault, manhole, interconnection and isolation vaults, and a junction structure for the site piping.