Tassajara Road Bridge

The Tassajara Road Bridge replaces an existing 2-lane road over a pipe culvert and will facilitate significant ecological stream improvement and increased vehicular capacity.

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Project Details

The new single span bridge is approximately 55 feet long by 118 feet wide and allows for six traffic lanes, a 16 ft. wide median and two 7 ft. wide sidewalks – one on each side of the bridge. Due to the existing roadway and extensive utility work that must be performed, the bridge was designed to be built in 2 stages.

The bridge superstructure consists of precast/prestressed concrete voided slabs with a cast-in-place concrete deck slab.  The superstructure is supported by seat-type abutments, abutment footings, and 14” square precast/prestressed concrete driven piles.  Cantilevered wingwalls and a retaining wall support the roadway edges adjacent to the creek.  Approach slabs at each end of the bridge provide for a smooth transition over the bridge.