Newell & Shenandoah Bridges

The Newell Drive Bridge located over American Canyon Creek is a new, single span bridge approximately 63 feet long by 81 feet wide.  It consists of four traffic lanes, a 12 foot wide median, and two 8 foot wide sidewalks.

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Project Details

The superstructure consists of precast/prestressed concrete voided slabs with a cast-in-place concrete deck slab.  The superstructure is supported at each end by seat-type abutments and cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) concrete piers.  Cantilevered wing-walls and retaining walls provide support for the roadway edges adjacent to the creek.

The Shenandoah Drive Bridge is also a new, single span bridge, approximately 36 feet long by 55 feet wide.  It consists of 2 traffic lanes, one 8 foot wide sidewalk and one 5 foot wide sidewalk. The superstructure and substructure types are the same as the Newell Drive Bridge.