Northbay Medical Center Fairfield Oxygen System

Northbay Medical Center Fairfield Oxygen System involved the replacement of an existing main O2 tank that had an aluminum inner vessel—a condition no longer allowed under current Codes.

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Project Details

This project was considered by OSHPD an Emergency Maintenance/Repair project and was reviewed and approved by the OSHPD Area Compliance Officer. To take advantage of the opportunity and address other Code deficiencies, nearly the entire O2 system was replaced. Since no area was available to construct a new pad, a temporary trailer was brought in and seismically anchored for use during the replacement of the entire O2 system.

The following new equipment was installed:

  • Chart VS-1500 Vertical Main Tank
  • Chart VHR-260 Reserve Tank
  • Cryoquip VAI 812-F-SP 3-circuit Vaporizer
  • ACME Vaporizer Switching Manifold
  • ACME Hospital Control Manifold
  • ACME Fill Assembly


Since no information was available for the existing pad and the pad was of insufficient size to support the new tank, the new tank was supported utilizing cast-indrilled hole concrete piers. The remainder of the equipment was supported by, and anchored to either a new 15” concrete pad, or the existing area of pad that was conserved.