UCSF Medical Center Nitrogen System

This project was conducted for UCSF Medical Center to upgrade the capacity of their Nitrogen system, transitioning from a system supplied by an assemblage of gas six-packs with a gas cylinder reserve, to a system of liquid filled Dewars with a gas six-pack assemblage reserve.

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Project Details

UCSF Medical Center Nitrogen System is located within an interior room of the hospital where there were unrelated seismic noncompliance issues, so the project also included bringing the entire room into Code compliance.

Finn Design Group (now merged with PASE) prepared structural drawings and structural calculations for the project, including details for:

  • LN Dewar enclosure rack, with doors and provision for condensate drainage;
  • Suspended Utility Bracing
  • Multi-Cylinder Storage Racks
  • Suspended Vaporizer Mounting
  • Fan & Duct Support
  • Ramp and Platform Construction


Finn Design Group worked closely with the project Architect, Mechanical Engineer, and Facilities Engineer to achieve successful completion of the project.