Vantage Data Center at Santa Clara

The Vantage Project is a data center facility located in Santa Clara that provides 77MW of power with 700,000 building square footage.

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Project Details

PASE provided the structural design of this new four-story data center facility. The facility was constructed in two stages (i.e., CA-21 & CA-22) for a combined 45 MW of critical power with an additional 32 MW under construction (CA-23).

The building roof houses a dunnage platform for mechanical cooling equipment. Electrical generators are in a service yard adjacent to the building. Generators are “stacked” for both stages of the facility, with the first stage having generators located at grade and on a steel structure overhead, while the second stage uses two-level generators with steel access platforms.

The project was delivered on an accelerated schedule to meet tenant move in dates. Design, start to turn over, was approximately 14 months.