Meta Data Center at Prineville

The Prineville Data Center is the first data center wholly owned by Meta. It was designed to be energy efficient and meet LEED Gold Certificate. It first started operating in April 2011 and has power size of 30 MW.

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Project Details

PASE provided the structural design for the building including the framing system, foundation, internal ceiling structure to support data, electrical and mechanical systems. PASE designed the building to an enhanced performance level at the owner’s request. Additionally, PASE provided the design for the tenant improvements including anchorage of interior electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment as well as anchorage for the equipment in the generator yard.

The project was recognized by Engineering News-Record (ENR) Magazine’s 2011 as “Best of the Best” project: Facebook’s Prineville Data Center. In addition to providing Meta its necessary data space, the local community benefited from the influx of construction personnel and long-term jobs at the site. Meta has since constructed two more data centers at this site.