John Stern, P.E.

Project Manager

Professional Experience

Mr. Stern is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 5 years of extensive design and consulting experience with the inner workings of Mission Critical facilities.  He has worked as the Project Manager and Lead Design Engineer on two data center campuses in southeast United States as well as the build-out of many data center sites. Mr. Stern has worked on the fit out and retrofit of several industrial facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area, ranging from MEP equipment and distribution system support and anchorage to heavy duty modular strut support systems. Working closely with contractors, he has assisted in the BIM process by locating the support and bracing of new overhead utilities with highly custom structures to avoid clashes with the existing overhead utilities.

Mr. Stern works effectively with Contractors to resolve constructability issues and find solutions to field conditions. He has gained a reputation for his practical and efficient responses to Design Team inquiries and for working with Contractor’s impacted schedules to expediently deliver structural packages.


What are your favorite hobbies?

I love camping and overlanding in my Tacoma. I’ve gained a reputation within my team for taking off on Friday’s after work and driving to the mountains in the summer months… and often in the winter, as well!