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People of PASE: Tim, Intern

Oct 04, 2018

Meet Tim,

Undergraduate Student at San Jose State


Why Structural Engineering?

Before civil engineering, I was pursuing a career in aerospace. In high school, I knew I wanted to be an engineer of some kind. I chose aerospace. I had thought it would be cool to design roller coasters, so I took some structural engineering classes. During those classes I was able to connect to it more than the other aspects of engineering.


What inspires you?

I’m a driven person. When I’m seeking inspiration, I start with what I know and then expand from there. I like to collaborate with other people to develop ideas.


What are you passionate about?

I love to explore and try as many new things as possible. I like an adventure. I’m passionate about being a leader to the generations after me. I didn’t have a lot guidance growing up; having someone to guide me would’ve helped me a lot when I was younger.


What have you gained from your internship at PASE?

The main thing I gained was work experience.  One of my professional goals is to get my professional license. Gaining design experience helps me to gather connections and professional guidance. There are San Jose State alumni at PASE who understand what my life and career is like right now; being able to connect with them was incredibly helpful.


What was the most memorable project you worked on while at PASE?

A multi-family housing project. I was able to be involved with the design and use my creativity. I really understood how things fit together rather than just checking to see if things match.


Outside of engineering, what have you enjoyed the most during your time at PASE?

I attended team lunches and social events at work. Getting to know people from other departments was great. I enjoyed getting to know people outside of work.


What piece of advice would you offer to fellow students?

Be exposed to as many things as you can, you never know what you’ll like. There’s always something to learn. Connect to others and surround yourself with people who have similar goals in life.



This summer’s interns were a mix of eager Undergraduate and Graduate students. Join us as they share a bit of their story and what they look forward to on their journeys ahead.


All of our interns had a wonderful learning experience at PASE, giving them real-life experience that they’ll take into their blossoming careers. Team PASE took them in with open arms, and absolutely loved to show them what they can look forward to what awaits them after finishing their college careers.