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People of PASE: Jenna, Intern

Oct 04, 2018

Meet Jenna,

Undergraduate Student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Why structural engineering?

In high school, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to pursue civil engineering or architecture. I love math and being creative. Structural engineering allows me to be creative in solving engineering problems.


What inspires you?

The unbelievably crazy things that architects and engineers design. The lofty visions of architects challenge engineers to create solutions.


What are you passionate about?

My passion in life is helping other people. For me, the true joy of engineering is to help others through problem solving. My ultimate goal as a structural engineer is to assist with disaster relief and post-earthquake reconnaissance work.


What have you gained from your internship at PASE?

My time at Peoples Associates has given me a better view of what it means to be an engineer. I was able to experience what the day to day life of an engineer is.


What was the most memorable project you worked on while at PASE?

My most memorable project was one that really challenged me to find solutions within the design. It was a data center project. The design process could be frustrating at times. Ultimately though, the struggle made it the most rewarding to complete.


Outside of engineering, what have you enjoyed the most during your time at PASE?

In general, the employees were welcoming and helpful. I was never afraid to ask for help when I needed it. During my time at PASE, I was busy and engaged with the other engineers throughout the design process. I was pleased with the number of women in the office, leading and exchanging ideas.


What piece of advice would you offer to fellow students?

Get involved in the structural engineering industry in any way you can, especially through internships. The only way you’ll know that structural engineering is the right fit for you is to get out there and participate.




This summer’s interns were a mix of eager Undergraduate and Graduate students. Join us as they share a bit of their story and what they look forward to on their journeys ahead.


All of our interns had a wonderful learning experience at PASE, giving them real-life experience that they’ll take into their blossoming careers. Team PASE took them in with open arms, and absolutely loved to show them what they can look forward to what awaits them after finishing their college careers.