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People of PASE: Dinesha Kuruppuarachchi, Assistant Engineer

Jan 15, 2024

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 15, 2024 –

Dinesha joined us in June 2022 with a very interesting background as she spent close to a decade between Louisiana and Texas getting her civil degree, then a masters, then a PHD in SE at Louisiana Tech while also working in Texas for a short period.

Previously, she has lived in California first working at California Drywall Co. helping them with material testing on connections and metal studs as they attempted to get an ICC ESR. After that, she joined The Crosby Group. We have been very happy to add her to the PASE family.

It is now January 2024 and we asked Dinesha how her experience at has been at PASE:

Working at PASE has been an incredibly enriching experience for me, as it has allowed me to develop my skills in analyzing, designing, and constructing structures. One of the best aspects of this job is that I have the opportunity to witness the construction process firsthand and participate in the review of RFIs and submittals. Through my work, I have gained valuable insights into the coordination process between clients, civil engineers, architects, contractors, and sub-contractors, as well as how meetings are conducted. The team at PASE is exceptional, with young and energetic staff who are always willing to lend a helping hand. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with senior staff who demonstrate exceptional knowledge, helpfulness, and understanding.

Our office is a vibrant and dynamic environment, with a variety of activities that occur regularly. These activities include celebrating birthdays, team lunches, playing games and sports, attending sporting events, and going on summer outings, among others. I find that the work culture in our office encourages a strong sense of community and engagement, which is something that I greatly appreciate. Overall, I strongly endorse working at PASE as it has been an exceptional opportunity that I would encourage others to explore.

Dinesha has been an active contributor to the PASE culture and we are certainly lucky to have her!