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People of PASE: Colin, Intern

Oct 04, 2018

Meet Colin,

Undergraduate Student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo


Why structural engineering?

I’ve always been inspired by the buildings of the Bay Area. I thought I wanted to be an architect, but as I got older, I discovered that I liked engineering a lot more than art. Structural engineering is perfect for what I want to do.


What inspires you?

Creativity and creative people inspire me. I like to be around people who approach problems in different and unique ways. I enjoy innovation and creating of new things. I’m also inspired by my environment around me. My surroundings inspire me to think, work hard and achieve my goals.


What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about social issues. Gentrification is an important issue for me. It’s a problem I would like to contribute to solving. Another passion of mine is shoes. I’m currently collecting sneakers and I’ve spent way too much money on shoes. At the moment, I have about 40 pairs of Nike.


What have you gained from your internship at PASE?

I’ve gained practical experience working on real projects. I have a better sense of an engineers’ role in every stage of a project. I’ve gained confidence in my skills and knowledge as a student.


What was the most memorable project you worked on while at PASE?

I spent some time working in the Mission Critical Studio. While there, I was able to work on a large data center project. Through this project, I’ve gained an in-depth, working knowledge of data center design.


Outside of engineering, what have you enjoyed the most during your time at PASE?

The people! Everyone was so welcoming and willing to help me learn. I could ask anyone in the company for help and I would get it.


What piece of advice would you offer to fellow students?

Keep an open mind. There are aspects of structural engineering that aren’t addressed in school. Be creative as you apply the knowledge you learned in school and keep an open mind about how your skills can be used in a work environment.



This summer’s interns were a mix of eager Undergraduate and Graduate students. Join us as they share a bit of their story and what they look forward to on their journeys ahead.


All of our interns had a wonderful learning experience at PASE, giving them real-life experience that they’ll take into their blossoming careers. Team PASE took them in with open arms, and absolutely loved to show them what they can look forward to what awaits them after finishing their college careers.