PASE Assists with Earthquake Recovery in Zagreb

Mar 27, 2020

Cooperation is an essential component of civilization, especially during times of crisis. The ability of human beings to work together for the common good has allowed us to overcome our greatest challenges. Such challenges have beset Zagreb, Croatia as the city endures damage from their largest earthquake in over 100 years and the COVID-19 pandemic at the same time. During times like these, Ivan Matoric, the director of our Zagreb office, is using his engineering expertise for the common good.

On Sunday, March 22nd, Zagreb was rocked by its strongest earthquake in 140 years. The 5.3 magnitude earthquake and multiple aftershocks caused widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. The Croatian Civil Service enlisted Ivan to help assess potentially compromised structures. Approximately 7,000 structures will need to be reviewed for safety before residents can be allowed to use them again. Ivan is part of a team of engineers working tirelessly to evaluate each structure and ensure that the people of Zagreb will be safe within them. Once these initial inspections have been completed, Ivan will begin helping authorities to determine the next course of action, including deeper evaluation and retrofit. Engineers in our California offices will draw upon their extensive seismic retrofit experience to lend a hand to the recovery efforts in Zagreb.

Cooperation is a cornerstone of our philosophy and we at PASE are proud of Ivan’s hard work in the service of his community. We wish Ivan and the city of Zagreb the best of luck in their recovery efforts.







Ivan Matoric, Office Director of PASE Zagreb